Suzanne Maillette
Taking Five The Falls

My interest in drawing and painting goes back as far as I can remember, sitting on the floor of my father's cabinet shop, using pieces of discarded wood to paint trees. He was a wonderful inspiration and encouraged that creativity throughout my life. That path has taken different directions over the years, and my style of painting taken various turns; but it has always included study and professional endeavors in the field of art and design.

As a painter, I have transitioned from the use of watercolor and realistic interpretation to the abstract form of expression. It is a style I find more challenging – there is nothing on a blank canvas, I have to find it. Always willing to explore different techniques and develop a deeper understanding of what is important help keep the work alive and fresh. I strive to project energy and motion with spontaneity, while maintaining a sense of balance and harmony – working quickly is of great value and a technique that seems to require endless practice and patience to achieve. Broad knives, squeegees and palette knives, which often take the place of brushes, also contribute to the effect. I use a limited color palette, preferring to mix directly on the canvas, giving a more vibrant result.

I hope to draw the viewer in – bringing them into a piece with their own sense of creativity and self-expression – achieving another valuable goal, which is often elusive and challenging.

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